17.03.2010, 13:00

Meeting with SEPCA representatives

Mr Joze Romsek, DCAF Senior Advisor, who represented the PCC SEE Secretariat at the meeting, met on 16 March 2010 in Podgorica, Montenegro, with Mr Radovan Ljumovic, SEPCA National Coordinator for Montenegro and PCC SEE Regional Manager, Mr Zoran Talovic, SEPCA Communication Liaison Officer, Mr Vladimir Vukotic, Head of Legal Department, Mr Stanislav Bezovsky, SEPCA Executive Secretary, Mr Marco Antonio Mora Diaz, SEPCA Head of Communications, Mr Reto Brunhart, DCAF Senior Advisor and Project Coordinator at SEPCA, and Mr Everett Summerfield, DCAF Police Programme Manager.

At the meeting the importance of better cooperation between the PCC SEE Secretariat and SEPCA has been stressed. Both parties shown their interest for cooperation because of common goals, especially the fight against terrorism and organised crime which will provide more security in the SouthEast region and Europe.

Proposed cooperation in the area regarding the article 12 (Prevention) and article 20 of the Convention (Transmission and Comparison of DNA-Profiles and other identification Materials) will be establish and workshops organised.